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7 Food Souvenirs to Bring Back from Your Trip to Africa!

It is not news that the African continent is rich in cuisine. Many foods are shared across countries but the vast majority of local meals are authentic to each country or locale. With 54 countries, Africa offers an explosion of tasty snacks, drinks and spices. Every traveller knows that excitement can quickly turn to disappointment when you realise that you cannot take back whole plates of food of Jollof Rice or Kachumbari...

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Come Rain, Come Shine; You Can Brew this Fresh and Fruity Pineapple Skin Tea!

I have probaly thrown a whole forest of pineapple skins away from blending pineapple juices and smoothies but I knew there had to be something delicious I could make from the peels. I found that the pineapple skin tea already exists and I decided to give it a try. No more wasted fruit peels! It is quick, simple and a delicious natural drink. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...

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Fruits of the Majestic Plateau Hills! Read All About My Food Adventures in Jos, Nigeria.

On Good Friday, my sister and I got into a taxi and headed for Jos town from Abuja. The four-hour ride was interrupted by a fault in our taxi. One minute, we were snapping away the shanty road-side towns in Nassarawa State, the next minute we were strolling on the side of the main road with sheep herds and stray dogs, flagging down cars and inventing stories of passers-by. Read...

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Gizdodo (Spicy Mixed Gizzard and Fried Plantain Strips)

Can you believe that we’ve been together for one year now? Time flies, people. And the adventurer in me is excited about tomorrow’s food adventures. I didn’t realise that I hadn’t shared a gizdodo recipe on here until last week. Shocking, given how much I make this dish. Well, since it took so long, I decided to switch it up a little – make dodo strips instead of chunks. I...

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Time Flies When You’re Tasting the World. It is Our 1st Anniversary

I’ve got a feeling, that this year’s going to be a good year. [God bless these ladies for consistently being our Guinea Pigs.] Last month, The Village Pot turned 1! How time flies. I remember that day, sitting in my studio in Edinburgh in between class papers. This blog grew organically out of Instagram food posts and home-grow amateur photography. After twelve months, we have published 110 posts, written food adventures...

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Cashews are in Season! Cool off with this Refreshing Cashew Juice.

I will miss this Harmattan season for its juicy cashew fruits. Last week, I had a throwback to my childhood holidays when we would pluck cashews in my father’s home-town during Harmattan. Well, the village came to me. I plucked my own cashew fruits from one of my favorite places in Lagos – LUFASI Nature Park. Nigerians are more familiar with the nuts of these fruits than the actual flesh...

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“I Love Me Some Toke Makinwa.” Here Are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chef Fregz

Chef Fregz (real name: Gbubemi Fregene) sits on top of the list of contemporary chefs in Nigeria and perhaps West Africa. The Knorr chef has consistently churned out mouth-watering menus for private clients and upscale dining events. Now, we find out some fascinating details about him including his celebrity crush and his pet peeve. Here are 10 things you may not have known about Chef Fregz:

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Fresh Orange and Agbalumo / Udara Juice.

I was on the road when I noticed that agbalumo is back in season. Growing up in Port Harcourt, we had different varieties of udara – as my Ikwerre people call it. The sweet one was called nwannu and there was not even the slightest hint of sour in it. These days in Lagos, no one knows what I’m talking about when I ask for the sweet variety. Typically, udara...