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10 Inspiring and Incredibly Informative TED Talks on Food!

TED has made a mark in the world of innovation by making short clips from experts available to the public on pretty much any topic. TED talks have made us cry, laugh, think and make a change in the corners of our world. And there is something for food lovers too. Here are 10 inspiring and incredibly informative TED Talks on Food. 1. How pigs make the world turn –...

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Coasting through Malagasy cuisine.

Madagascar, an island country off the southeastern coast of Africa, has an interesting culinary past. The current culinary composite known today is a blend of several cultural traditions — Southeast Asian, Indian, French, African — which combined form a unique array of dishes emblematic of the country and referred to as Malagasy cuisine. At the core of Malagasy cuisine is rice. Madagascar, as a country, is known as being the...

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Our 17 Favorite Cakes from the Nairobi Cake Festival, 2016.

The Nairobi Cake Festival, held on the 11th of June was a graceful event that saw cake industry household names and newbies alike, showcase some of the most creative cakes and pastry seen in a while. Cake lovers, like me, came from all over the city to sample cakes as their stomachs would let them and contribute to the proceeds to send students to school, courtesy Edumed Trust. The venue...

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12 Simple Kitchen Hacks That Will Instantly Improve Your Cooking

It is human nature to find ways of doing things that are more effective and efficient, cutting down on work time and achieving the best possible results.  Cooking can either be simple, fun and enjoyable or it can be even simpler, more fun and more enjoyable. Today we give you 12 simple hacks that will cut on your cooking time significantly and make your cooking a whole lot better.

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The art of tea in Morocco

My father’s side of the family, my Nigerian side, lives in London. The fall of 2013, I moved to Madrid, Spain to teach English. I was closer to London and planned to reconnect with family I didn’t have the luxury of being near during my childhood, as I grew up in the Southeastern United States. The one thing I remember most vividly about my visit was tea.

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Little Things: 7 Spices That Will Spice Up Your Cooking

It is often said that the small things in life occupy the largest spaces in our hearts. Wise ones before us have said that little drops of water make mighty oceans and that great journeys begin with one step. In short, great things are done by a series of small things brought together. From the point of view of a lover of good food, great-tasting meals are created using a series of small...

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Culinary Cape Town: Seven picks for exploring Cape Town’s culinary scene

Cape Town, the legislative capital of South Africa, is a bustling, charming, cosmopolitan city. A coastal paradise, the city of Cape Town offers unrivaled views of the Atlantic Ocean. But Cape Town is also teeming with great eats and many places to dive in, making it the perfect choice for a culinary vacation. I’ve compiled seven places in Cape Town to explore food — including a farmers market to pick...

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11 Tweets on Tomato Scarcity That Every Nigerian Can Relate To.

Nigerian Jollof v. Ghana Jollof. We know who is winning if you cannot even put tomato in the something 🙌😀😢 pic.twitter.com/86KkGpLTY8 — Oyokuyi (@Gidimeister) May 15, 2016 In the last two weeks, Nigeria has struggled with tomato scarcity and the effects are crippling households because several of our staple dishes – including THE jollof rice – are at stake. Where tomatoes can be found, they are now more than 400...

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7 Food Souvenirs to Bring Back from Your Trip to Africa!

It is not news that the African continent is rich in cuisine. Many foods are shared across countries but the vast majority of local meals are authentic to each country or locale. With 54 countries, Africa offers an explosion of tasty snacks, drinks and spices. Every traveller knows that excitement can quickly turn to disappointment when you realise that you cannot take back whole plates of food of Jollof Rice or Kachumbari...

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Come Rain, Come Shine; You Can Brew this Fresh and Fruity Pineapple Skin Tea!

I have probaly thrown a whole forest of pineapple skins away from blending pineapple juices and smoothies but I knew there had to be something delicious I could make from the peels. I found that the pineapple skin tea already exists and I decided to give it a try. No more wasted fruit peels! It is quick, simple and a delicious natural drink. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...